Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to a quick lesson on how to use your point and shoot camera.
Don't be mislead by the dates this was done as the information is still the same. The only difference is that those two little boys are now growing SO fast, I can't keep track! But with Sara and Justin's permission I will use some of the photos on the facebook page for here.

But until then...enjoy the directives here as they will be very helpful for any photos you take, particularly of your little ones!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!  Ironically this post was written in 2014 -

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photos for Sara

Welcome to "Photos for Sara." Actually, we will be talking here about how to take photos of kids, namely two adorable little guys, Jake and Eli. The photo below was taken by Sara's friend and it's adorable! But Sara wanted to take her own photos and that is what this is all about...

photo property of Sara Waffird
Sara was the gracious recipient of a Coolpix Nikon for Christmas and she is VERY anxious to get some good shots of her little ones. And the big one too - namely the Daddy, Justin. So here we go, Sara. Ready?

(1)First things first. You need to know your camera. It sounds like you already have explored some of the options, such as how to snap a photo and how to see it, not to mention charging the battery, and knowing where it is (and how to remove it for charging or replacing.)
You also need to know where the memory card is and how big it is. I think it was 2MB? Nice large card. Lots of shots to put on there. You have to know how to remove that one too.

(2)The next thing to do is to check the MENU - it should be on the back on the round button and should say MENU -  and where you will find the resolution of the photos you are taking. ALWAYS use the highest quality.

If you use the default that Nikon set up for you, then you will get blurry photos if you want to enlarge them. Always think in terms of enlarging your photos. The "email" option, Nikon's default,  on point and shoot cameras (like you have) typically is at 72ppi. The FINE setting is at 300 ppi. Don't get confused with the numbers. Just set it at BEST or FINE quality. You'll do great...

(3)  You will find that you can take just so many photos at this setting but don't worry about it. You can download your photos and then put the card back in the camera, set it to FORMAT and it will give you a clean, new card to start over again. DO NOT delete photos off the camera card from your computer. Delete them only through FORMAT on your camera. This setting is also in MENU.

This is lots of reading for you. I need some photos to show you some things, so while you digest this info, I will be looking for photos to demonstrate what I mean by the above. I may send you to websites that show what I am talking about too. 

Meanwhile, I will need your permission to put any of your photos on here. So just send me a quickie email - . If you don't want photos of the kids on here, just let me know and I can remove this one. (but they are soooo cute!)

That's it for Lesson ONE. Keep taking photos even if you think you don't know what you are doing. You actually know a lot more than you think. Just be sure to keep your elbows close to your body, steady the camera with both hands, take a breath, hold it, give the shutter button a slight touch (this will do all the computer stuff in the camera, like focusing and color correcting) and then press firmly -  snap. Stand with both feet balancing your body. NO FLASH for kids though, ok?

Just found this YOUTUBE demo of your camera (not the exact model however) - what I want you to see in this video is how to get the highest resolution and what the round button on the back is all about. The girl who does this video is a little spacey but she does a good job of showing you the camera itself.
In this blog we are just doing "Still" camera, not video. Master one first before moving onto videos!

you are now ready for lesson 2 - but don't be in a big hurry. Master lesson 1 first and really get to KNOW your camera. Lesson 2 is a link at the top of this blog. I"ll rearrange it when I figure out how to do that! Meanwhile....

January 2, 2011
Just saw your photo of the kids on New Year's Eve. How cute are they!!!!  Am putting in a "lesson" here for you just to show how you can make your photos even better. Remember to GET CLOSE and fill the FRAME. What cuties...
I have no idea why kids love to stick out their tongues when you ask them to idea. You might want to take 2 photos - one silly and one serious. Tell Eli to look at Jake and Jake to look at Eli and make each other laugh. It're having so much fun, I love it.

Different Angles - Eye level and From Above
This is an adorable photo of Eli - those eyes are so soft and lovable! Even though I like the photo, I did want to mention one thing for the next time you have the kids in your photos - get down to their level.  You and I are both tall and it looks like we are always looking down on the little ones. You have to literally get down to their level. That Eli is just going to get away with everything with that cutie face of his!
I did crop it and also did some softening of the area around the face to emphasize his gorgeous eyes.